Divorce memories are often all over the place emotionally. You might look back on the divorce and at once feel sad about ending your marriage and at the same time, relieved that it ended. You might feel angry about your former partner’s behavior during the divorce process but glad you achieved certain goals of your own, like retaining the family home or keeping certain assets that were important to you.

You’re not crazy for feeling conflicting emotions, and all of them are as real and valid as any other. You might even find certain physical reminders of your divorce in your home. Family albums showing the fun times you had together can be difficult to look at. Your family portrait can be especially difficult to view after your divorce. Although it can be painful to look at, do not throw it away. It is important to keep them for your children as these are memories they will cherish and possibly display in their own homes.  Your Grandchildren will someday appreciate them too.

Taking a new family portrait after your divorce is a way to heal from the emotional stress and to signify the New Chapter in your Life. Have a new family portrait created with the people you consider your immediate family now. That may include you and your children, you with your own parents and siblings or with your new partner.

Your portrait is something to treasure for life so put time and effort into creating an image that you and your loved ones will look at fondly for years to come. The expertise of a professional photographer can come in handy here. Formal, posed portraits are the ones that will stand the test of time along with the experience and memories of the time you spend during your portrait session. It is important to hang printed portraits on your wall.  Psychologist agree that hanging portraits in a prominent place in your home builds self-esteem and a sense of security for your children.

Focus on Recovery as a Fort Collins Divorce Attorney focuses on the Legal Heavy Lifting. Moving on from a divorce can be difficult, especially when you’re facing uncertainty about your divorce settlement or you’re handling a lot of the legal heavy lifting on your own. Make your divorce easier on yourself by working with an experienced Fort Collins divorce attorney who can be your advocate.

And if you are looking to take a new family portrait, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Bettinger Photography. We have years of experience that we are happy to put to work for you today.