When we look at our graduation, whether it long ago or yet to come, we seem to think of it differently. If it was a time years ago, we reminisce. But what of the thoughts of a graduation in the very near future? It's important to remember how special this time is in a young person's life but it's also important to find ways to keep this moment in time alive and fresh in our minds for the years ahead. These don't have to break the bank and they certainly don't need to something that won't be valued in the future. Sometimes, we can allow ourselves to do that one extra thing in a moment of time that we look back on and are extremely thankful that we 'indulged' just a bit.

The Class of 2016 is graduating in only a couple of months. Senior portraits have already been taken, plans for the future have already been set in motion as the last stretch in high school is coming to an end. This is a time of celebration in a young person's life and it is only that much more special when friends and family can enjoy the moment with the soon to be graduates. This time next year, the graduation from high school will seem like such a distant memory only because the next 12 months will be some of the most trying, and exciting times for young adults and their families. That doesn't mean that this moment should fade. This moment should be embraced and remembered so what better way than to do just that than with some of Senior Pix by Bettinger Photography's fun and unique mementos?!

We are happy to announce that we are offering our graduation artstrip for the Class of 2016! This is a unique and savvy way to keep this moment alive through the craft of photography. The artstrip comes framed and ready to hang on the wall, sit on the mantle or stand strong on your desk at work. We will use four pictures from your senior portrait session and will put them all together for this spectacular "collage style" memento!

Contact us today to inquire about the graduation artstrips that we offer. One of our very friendly and professional team members will be happy to speak with you about these fantastic treasures!