If you already have one, take a look at your headshot, then take a look at some of your competitor's. If your competition doesn't have one, then you are already ahead of the game simply by considering this as a possibility. If they have publicity portraits posted on their website, you may notice some differences. Perhaps you're able to identify the quality differences in the photography, or maybe their pictures depict an action or environment that is more revealing of the industry than yours does.

To have a business portrait or team photograph that stands out, you need to be aware of your competition's marketing strategy. In large part, the strategy will most likely include pictures that tell a bit of a story abut either the person in the portrait, or the company's culture, or any number of different things. It's very important for you to be seen by your market in a manner that is most suited for you to have successful headshots. What kind of industry are you in? Does a studio portrait break the "norms" that others in your industry have established? Is breaking those standards a good idea? Would you rather be seen at your desk than seated and posed? These are all questions that are important to consider when making your decision to schedule a session for your publicity portraits. 

The last question you should ask yourself is "who is the best photographer for me?" That's a very important question as you could call nearly any photographer listed on an internet search but is that the smart decision? Most likely, it isn't the right decision. You may find great deals out there which have tremendous 'curb-side appeal' but does that photographer have the necessary skills and equipment to provide you with the portrait you want/need? The most common answer is no. Most photographers that you can find in search engine results cannot give you the same care and attention as a professional studio like Bettinger Photography. Making sure that you look at the photographer's portfolio. Does their website work well and is it responsive? Is their website updated often with new looks showing that they care enough about their clients to not only follow the most common trends but also lead the way by setting new trends? 

Bettinger Photography is a family owned studio that has been the best professional portrait studio for over 55 years. Our experience and our knowledge of industry portraits is unmatched in Denver as we have dedicated ourselves to not only build this eputation but also maintain it throughout the test of time!  Contact us today to talk about what your needs are for business headshots and how we will be able to be the most help for your marketing needs possible!