Claire Krawiec is a very diverse young lady. Claire is an upcoming 2017 grad from Mullen High School where she has taken her interests to new exciting heights! Through athletics and computer sciences, she has continued developing her passions which will help carry her into the next stage of her life's adventures!


Claire enjoys playing volleyball but when she's not driving aces, she's deep into the computer as she loves coding! She's taken it a bit further though as she is on the Board of Directors for the Engineering Club! This is right in line with one of her career ambitions of possibly pursuing Computer Science. If this isn't the direction she decides to go, she has great interest is Aerospace Engineering. Who knows, she may do both! For Clare, the sky is the limit!


We are humbled to know you Claire, and we are very happy that you allowed us to be a part of your senior year by having your senior pictures taken at our studio! Good luck in your last year of high school and in the endeavours you continue to pursue in the future!